Can I also buy just one of your presets?
No, the presets are only sold as a package of 2 presets.

How Do I Download Them?
You’ll be redirected to the download page after you completed your purchase and you also receive an e-mail with the download link
If you did not receive a download link please send me an e-mail to info@lottspresets.com with your e-mail you used at checkout.

How do I install Lott’s Presets?

  1. Download the ZIP file and open Lightroom
  2. Open Lightroom Classic CC and go to the Develop module
  3. Click ‘File’ > ‘Import develop profiles and presets or look for the Presets panel on the left and click the small + icon next to it.
  4. Simply find the ZIP file and select it and Lightroom will import the presets Once the import is complete, you should see all the preset folders in your Presets panel

What cameras will the presets with?
The presets work best with cameras that shoot in RAW format

What programs will your presets work on?

These presets can be used in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Lightroom Mobile and Adobe Camera Raw

I tried do install the presets but I can’t find them in Lightroom. What should I do?

Try again after you updated your Lightroom to the latest version. Still not working? Please send an e-mail to info@lotts.nl

Can I get a refund after purchase?
Once you have purchased the presets, it is not possible to get a refund