Presets for timeless photos

As a photographer your goal is to create images that move people. Finding a unique style often plays an important role in this. Lott's Presets offers a starting point for developing your own style, to make your photos soft and timeless.

Lott's Lightroom Presets

The package includes a color preset and a black & white preset that can be used in Lightroom.

Color Preset

A soft and timeless look for your photos that are made in different lighting conditions.

Black & White Preset
For a classic film look, or when colors would be distracting.

Total package includes 2 presets.



Before & After



What other people say

“Lott’s presets create exactly the atmosphere in my photos
that I was looking for. Very happy with it!” 
– Noor Rezelman

“Fantastic! For me it brought back the joy of photographing,
not having to worry about the editing.” 
– Carla van Dulmen